Chip in to power the next 100 days of fighting Ford

Doug Ford has been running Ontario for 100 days— and launching attacks our democracy, our climate, and our communities like we’ve never seen before.

Looking ahead, we know that Ford isn't going to get any less dangerous. The fight may even get harder if the media and political
establishment start treating him as "normal." This makes it all the more critical that we keep investing in resistance.

If we’re going to hold the Ford government accountable in the coming 100 days, we need to raise $20,000 over the next seven days, so that we have a stable foundation to rise to the enormous challenges we're facing in powerful, innovative ways.

If we all chipped in $3, $5, or $15 today, the Leadnow community will have what it needs to power the resistance in the next 100 days and beyond. Will you chip in now?

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Leadnow is sustained by thousands of small, individual donations from across the country. Can you chip in to help fund our hard-hitting campaigns?