Write a Letter to the Editor: Stop Highway 413

While taking over $10 billion from the public purse, Highway 413 will only benefit wealthy land developers.1 It is an environmental disaster that would pave over our pristine Greenbelt, destroy farmland, and wildlife — all to save drivers a mere 30-60 seconds of time per trip.2

Here's the plan: we are going to flood newspapers with letters to the editors, condemning the mega highway while laying out the facts. If we can reach newspapers across Ontario, then then we can expose the truth about Ford's plans to pave over our pristine greenbelt. And newly elected MPPs — keen to hear from local constituents — could feel the public pressure. But we need to act now, while the project is still in the public eye. Will you write a letter to the editor calling for Highway 413 to be cancelled?

Talking points: (Try to not copy and paste!)
  • Highway 413 is an environmental disaster that will take Ontario farther away from vital climate targets, pave over Ontario's Greenbelt, destroy farmland and harm wildlife habitats.
  • Doug Ford refuses to discuss how much highway 413 will cost, but experts say it will take at least $10 billion from the public purse.
  • The Ford government ignored its own consultants' advice and chose the route of maximum destruction.
  • It will add over 17 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions in the next 30 years and be detrimental to over 29 federally listed species at risk.
  • An expert panel found that the mega highway will only save drivers 30-60 seconds.
  • We don't need more highways, we need to prioritize liveable cities and invest in clean, green and public transportation.
  • Editors are more likely to publish unique and original letters. Personalize your letter, use local examples if you can or talk about why this issue is so important to you.
  • If you're a parent worried about the future generations or a youth worried about the future of our planet, consider talking about your experience - it could go a long way.
  • Keep your letter as short as possible, to increase the chance that it will be published.