Help make climate an election issue: send a question to the leaders' debate |

Help make climate an election issue: send a question to the leaders' debate

Tomorrow, Macleans is hosting a federal leaders’ debate -- and they’re asking the public to submit the questions they should ask party leaders. [1]

With only 11 years left to take meaningful action to avert climate catastrophe, the upcoming federal election is critical. 

We have a chance to show political leaders that climate is the top issue on voters’ minds [2] -- on live TV. But if we want to make sure climate gets the coverage it deserves, we need to act fast. Right now, Macleans are deciding what questions to ask the leaders, and climate could get buried under all the other issues.

But if we flood them with climate questions, Macleans won’t be able to ignore us -- and we can make sure climate is the number one issue that our political leaders are asked about. The debate’s tomorrow -- enter your details to submit your question now. 

Here are some examples of what you can say:

“Recognizing that the principle of cooperation will be required to tackle the climate crisis, will you agree to join a working group, like an all-party climate caucus, committed to developing a legislated, accountable framework for Canada to meet emissions targets in line with the most recent IPCC recommendations?”


“Polls show that a large majority of Canadians are worried about the climate emergency and are ready for a major transition — one that would slash emissions in half by 2030, invest billions in green energy projects, and divest from fossil fuels while creating jobs in clean energy, climate mitigation and decarbonisation across sectors. How does your government plan to tackle the climate emergency and meet the needs of those communities expected to be most impacted by climate change and the transition?”

You can ask both, or feel free to ask your own question! Enter your details to submit a question now.

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