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The last four years have been tough on us all in Ontario— and things are getting tougher. The cost of putting food on the table is skyrocketing. Ford just undid plans to meet our climate targets even though we’re in a climate emergency. And once again, our hospitals are buckling.1,2,3

To tackle climate change and rising inequality, bold solutions to make Ontario more just and fair are necessary. So, we’re calling for a just transition that would invest in our communities and create secure jobs that are also good for our environment — and a basic income so everyone can meet their basic needs.

The Ontario election is just over a month away. If opposition parties know there are thousands of votes on the line, they'll have no choice but to prioritize working together for a better, fairer, more sustainable Ontario — or face a political penalty from local voters.

Sign this petition asking the NDP, Liberals and Greens to cooperate to build a better Ontario.

Stephen Del Duca, Andrea Horwath and Mike Schreiner

Voters want you to work together to protect our environment and build an economy that works for all of us. Prioritise a just transition — principles, processes and practices to tackle the climate crisis and inequality, by investing in communities and creating secure jobs that are also good for the planet, and a guaranteed, livable basic income to ensure everyone can afford to live with dignity.

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