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We've included some talking points to include in your message. But if you have a personal message about why old-growth is so important to you, it would go a long way.
Talking points
  • I am calling to urge you to protect ALL at-risk old-growth.
  • If the BC government doesn’t take action on their promise to protect old growth forests now, there won’t be any stands of precious ancient trees left.
  • Old-growth is on Indigenous territory. In the spirit of reconciliation, we must:
    • Pause all old-growth logging;
    • Provide the economic and logistical resources needed so Indigenous nations can develop a resource management plan that works for them;
    • Then the province must adhere to this plan.
  • I urge you to take action now to protect our precious ancient forests. As your constituent I will be paying attention to your next steps.

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