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We can't afford to lose this opportunity to #VoteBetter, and this fall we have a chance to strengthen our democracy and bring proportional representation (Pro Rep) to BC!

Opponents of proportional representation, “the no side”, have launched their campaign to try to block voting reform, and scare voters into thinking PR is dangerous and confusing.  But we have something the "no side" doesn’t: hundreds of volunteers ready to make phone calls and get their friends, family and neighbours involved in the campaign for proportional representation.  

But this referendum is going to be a squeaker. It could come down to a few hundred votes, and your community could be the difference.  We know that if we can talk to enough voters about the referendum, we can mobilize the votes we need to push proportional representation to victory - but we’ll need hundreds of volunteers talking to thousands of voters to pull it off .

Will you sign up to host a PR for BC phone bank in your living room, local community centre or park?

Here's how it will work:

1) You sign up to host a phone bank by filling out your information, and the information for when and where you'd like to host your phone bank in the box on the right of this page.

2) We'll send you a step by step guide to hosting your phone bank and what comes after, along with on-going support from a Leadnow team member.

3) You'll invite your friends and neighbours, and we'll invite other Leadnow supporters in your area to join your phone bank! 

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