Christy Clark: Make the fracking industry pay

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BREAKING: A new report from the David Suzuki Foundation shows that climate-killing methane leaks from BC’s fracking industry are at least 2.5 times higher than reported by Christy Clark’s government. [1]

The report shows that methane leaks from fracking create more global warming pollution than putting 2 million cars on the road. [2]

Outrageously, the BC Liberal government doesn’t even bother monitoring methane leaks from fracking -- and they don’t apply the carbon tax to methane emissions. [3]

You don’t have to look far to guess why Christy Clark’s government might turn a blind eye to the true impact of fracking. Her party accepted more than $1 million in donations from fracking and LNG companies since the last election. [4]

If we flood Christy Clark with messages demanding that she commit to monitoring and taxing methane emissions from fracking, we can force her to respond. Even if she won’t give in to our demands, she’ll have to go on record saying she is still letting her big-money fracking donors off the hook -- and that could cost her votes.

Will you help force a response from Christy Clark by sending her a message right now?


[1] Methane pollution from B.C.’s oil, gas industry higher than provincial estimates (Globe and Mail). 

[2] Methane pollution from B.C. oil and gas sector much higher than government estimates, research reveals (David Suzuki Foundation). 

[3] BC Carbon Tax (David Suzuki Foundation).

[4] Natural Gas Industry Donated Over $1 Million to BC Liberals Since 2013 (Desmog).

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