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Calls for Climate ONLINE - Online

Saturday, Oct 19, 11am

Online - Pacific Time

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Hosted by: Rachel Tetrault

Note: Event times are on Pacific Time

We’ve done the math and we know we need to make 300,000 calls to progressive voters in battleground ridings if we want to help elect climate champions and stop the Conservatives from taking power.

Join us to make some calls with us ONLINE from the comfort of your own living room, by RSVPing on this page. Just put your information in the sign up box. 

Anyone is welcome - you don’t need to be experienced. You can make these calls using a landline or mobile, you won't be charged long distance, your phone number won't be shared, and we'll give you a script, and make sure you feel comfortable before making calls!

WHERE: online at this link (click this link at the start of the call party, and you will be connected to other staff and volunteers making calls - like SKYPE!) 

With historically low voter turnout in Canada, and handfuls of tight races in battleground ridings, just a few hundred votes could be the difference between a climate champion winning or losing their seat -- which means we need to make sure that every voter who cares about the climate votes this election. 

Study after study shows that the most effective way to boost voter turnout is having direct conversations with voters -- and together we can easily reach tens of thousands of voters in the tightest races to elect climate champions, if enough of us show up to make calls. See you there! 


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