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URGENT: Ford’s cabinet is meeting TODAY to try to implement key pieces of his healthcare privatization plan.[1]

But a last minute flood of phone calls to key cabinet ministers could convince them to speak up in a the meeting and convince Ford to hit the brakes on his drastic, undemocratic plan. 

With the meeting happening today we have to act fast. Call a key cabinet minister now. 

Fill out your information in the form to the right (including your phone number!), and our system will call you back to connect you directly with one of the key Ministers we are targeting. Their name will pop up when you press call.

You can ask to speak to them, but the staffer who answers will likely just take your message and pass it on. If you get an answering machine -- leave a voicemail.

Talking points you can use:

  • I'm very worried about the threat of this government bringing private, for-profit health care delivery to Ontario with the creation of a new Super Agency
  • The evidence is clear - for-profit healthcare leads to worse health outcomes, slower delivery -- and 90% of Canadians don’t want it in our public system.
  • Doctors, nurses, patients and the public haven’t been consulted on Ford’s healthcare plan - but this government is already making decisions and starting to implement it.
  • How can they know what changes to make if they haven’t even talked to the people who will actually be affected?
  • I want the Minister to do what’s in their power to hit the brakes on his drastic, undemocratic plan to change how healthcare works in this province.
  • No to for-profit, private care

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