Video petition to cancel rent and mortgages: Add your voice

Rent is due in a few days — and hundreds of thousands of people who’ve lost their jobs to the COVID-19 pandemic simply can’t afford to pay their bills.

If politicians truly understood how stressful and scary it is for people who can’t afford to pay their April rent or mortgage, surely they’d find a way to give us a break this month.

We’ve created a simple tool to help you record a short video telling your personal story about why it’s so important that renters and homeowners get relief before April 1st.

We’ll collect all your videos all into a massive video petition and deliver them right to the Prime Minister and premiers of every province.

But rent day is just 4 days away. Will you record a short video today and be part of our massive campaign to cancel rent and mortgage payments?
How to record your video.
  1. Think about what you want to say. Take a minute or two to gather your thoughts. Your personal story is what's going to have the biggest impact on decision-makers so be sure to speak from the heart, and make sure to end by asking political leaders to cancel rent and mortgage payments during COVID-19.
  2. Press the record button. When you're ready to record, press the record button in the tool within the yellow box (it looks like a small video camera). If you are prompted to turn your camera on, please do so.

  3. Share your story. After you press the record button and enable your camera, you'll get a 3 second countdown, and then the tool will begin recording. Share your story and your opinion, and remember to speak from the heart. Note: You will only be able to record 1 minute of video, so please be concise
  4. Click on the video recorder to stop recording. When you're done sharing your story, click anywhere on the screen to end the recording
  5. Click "Accept" to add your video to the video petition. You can watch your video by clicking "Review Recording" and if you'd like to do it again, click "Re-record". When you're happy with the video, just press "Accept" and it will be added to the video petition

  6. Share this tool! Please pass this tool along to your friends and family to help make this video petition huge!