CBC: It's time to host a Federal Climate Debate

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The public conversation around the climate crisis is distorted and confusing. Politicians will say one thing and do another - like approve a dirty oil pipeline right after declaring a national climate emergency.  1,2

In a high-stakes election year, this makes it hard for voters to understand the issues and weigh the options, let alone know which politicians actually have a plan to address the biggest issue of our time.

A federal leaders climate debate could help change this. Millions of viewers. Political leaders and their platforms under the public spotlight. 3 It would give voters all the information they need to see clearly which party has the best strategy to tackle the climate crisis head on.

You deserve to know - and right now, we have a chance to make this debate happen.

Will you sign the petition calling on the CBC to host a federal climate leaders debate?

*UPDATE* AS of August 9th, Leadnow, North99, and OurTime have altogether gathered over 45,000 signatures demanding that the CBC host a Federal Leaders' Climate Debate. 

To the CBC:

As our national public broadcaster, you have a responsibility to inform the Canadian public on issues of national emergency.

The climate crisis is a national emergency, and we call on you to host a Federal Leaders' Climate Debate this fall.

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