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A far-right “meme-machine” is politically weaponizing Facebook to spout hateful messages to millions online. The group plans to deploy a national campaign to steamroll a path to a Conservative majority in Canada, [1] and news just broke that their Ontario election advertising was funded by 90% corporate donations, with the top donations of up to $100,000 from development companies. [2]
The Facebook group Ontario Proud has over 400,000 followers and its manipulative viral posts, often dog whistling to racists, sexists and the far-right, reach millions every month -- and some even credit the page with Doug Ford’s political success in Ontario. [3] Combined with Alberta Proud, BC Proud, Saskatchewan Proud, and New Brunswick Proud -- all with tens of thousands of Facebook followers each -- it’s being called a “Proud revolution”. [4]
But we can punch back, with your help. As one of the only other Facebook pages putting out viral, progressive political content, Leadnow is uniquely positioned to clap back at these far-right populist pages. But if we don’t ramp up our social presence now, we’re leaving a wide open field for far-right, polarizing, and destructive content to run rampant across the nation’s feeds -- and it’s ever-growing by the day.
But as the only person managing our social media and with competing campaigning priorities, I don’t have enough resources or capacity to make sure we have impact.
If you chip in $10, we can divert more resources into developing powerful social content like slick share-worthy graphics, as well as running more hard-hitting ads to grow our following and amplify progressive messages. “Proud” pages are gaining thousands of followers every day. Will you chip in now so I can get to work fighting back right away?

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