Chip in to drown out the "NO" side's propaganda

The “NO” side has gone too far. 

Anti proportional representation (Pro Rep) pundits have released an outrageous social media ad making false claims that a vote for Pro Rep is a vote for neo-nazism. Their bizarre ad - which implies that BC will be plagued by goose-stepping fascists if we vote YES to Pro Rep - is all over the internet and has already had thousands of views.

That’s why we’re planning a massive Facebook ad campaign to reach thousands of voters and counter the “NO” side’s spin. If we can raise $8000, we can reach up to 200,000 British Columbians with powerful ads debunking the NO sides lies and encouraging people to vote for Pro Rep.

But with ballots already hitting mailboxes across the province, we need to get these ads up right away.Will you chip in now and help plaster social media with ads to drown out the “NO” side’s propaganda? 

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If you can, do please donate online. It's secure, protected by the same encryption your bank uses, and will help our small team to focus our efforts on campaigning, and stay as efficient as possible.

To donate by phone, or if you have any problems with this form, you can call 1-855-LEADN0W(1-855-532-3609) ext 2 or email including your contact info - we will call you back as soon as possible.

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To donate by cheque, please send a cheque payable to “Leadnow” to:
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Please include a note with your cheque so we know who it's from.

Please note: To comply with BC Elections law, you have to be a resident of BC and either a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada to donate. We are also required to report to Elections BC the names and addresses of those who contribute more than $250 total to referendum advertising in this campaign. Elections BC will publish the names and amounts of those who contribute over $250 on its website. 

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