Ask the BC Greens to Cooperate with the NDP

After a nail-bitingly close election didn't produce a clear majority government, the BC Greens hold the balance of power in the BC legislature. BC Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver is negotiating whether to cooperate with the NDP or Liberals, and we expect a deal to be made before the final results are announced on May 24th. But we can impact the outcome if we speak up and tell our MLAs Andrew Weaver, Adam Olsen and Sonia Furstenau that we want them to make a deal with the NDP - not the Liberals.

As a constituent in a Green riding, your voice will carry a lot of weight. Can you call Andrew Weaver’s office and ask him to cooperate with the NDP to move BC forward?

Your call will only take a couple minutes but it will make a huge difference. It's easy: Enter your information to the right - your name, email and phone number - and click the button. The system will call your phone and connect you to Andrew Weaver's office. (Right now MLAs Olsen and Furstenau don’t have offices set up - so we’re directing all your calls to Andrew Weaver.)

Use the talking points below if you need prompts:
  • Say your name, which riding you live in, and mention if you voted Green
  • Congratulate them on their big win on May 9th
  • Say that you want the BC Greens to cooperate with the NDP to move BC forward
  • [Optional]: You can talk about why you don't want another Christy Clark government. Mention the issues that you care about most! 
If no one answers feel free to leave a voicemail. 

Call Andrew Weaver's Office

Can you call Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver and ask him to cooperate with the NDP?

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