Join us on Mar 23rd - Ottawa

Friday, Mar 23, 12pm

Starting at MINTO PARK then moving to MP Catherine McKenna's office

Minto Park , Ottawa

Hosted by: Lisa Gunn
Kinder Morgan is poised to start a key phase of construction on a pipeline and tanker project that would put hundreds of rivers and streams at risk of oil spills -- but a powerful movement is rising up to defend the land, water, and climate.

On March 10th Coast Salish spiritual leaders and members raised a traditional Coast Salish Watch House near the pipeline route which will act as a base for resistance to the project. 10,000 people in Metro Vancouver marched in solidarity on the same day. Now, Indigenous leaders and local residents are preparing to take bold action on the ground.

A massive people-powered confrontation in BC is already tarnishing Trudeau’s reputation as a progressive leader committed to climate action, coastal protection, and reconciliation with Indigenous peoples -- and if we show how big the national movement against pipelines is we can convince the Trudeau Liberals that pushing for Kinder Morgan to be built is not in their best interest.

On March 23rd, people across the country will take to the streets for a National Day of Action to Defend the Water. We’ll gather outside our MP’s offices, and then go inside to deliver samples of water collected from the coastline in BC threatened by Kinder Morgan oil spills. With the power of water from the frontlines of resistance, we’ll demand that our MPs put pressure on Trudeau to stop pushing for the pipeline.  

We need as many people as possible to show up so we can send a powerful message. Can you join us? RSVP for your local event now.


Who's coming

  • Gabriel D'Astous
  • jolan bailey
  • Patricia Palulis
  • Nicole Welsh
  • Bruce Rosove
  • .Bernard Walke
  • Joyce Halladay
  • Mihai Sarbu
  • Len Kowalik
  • Feliks Welfeld
  • Francis Bayerl
  • Lynn MacDonald
  • Chris Sullivan
  • Rocky Bivens
  • Marlene Kelly
  • Ann Coffey
  • Gary Santia
  • Ria Heynen
  • L.A. Paveling
  • sara jinha
  • Marlene and Alex Campbell
  • Martha Ruben
  • Colin Stuart
  • Rosalie Reynolds
  • Larry Dobson
  • Larry Dobson
  • Joan Bishop
  • Anita MacLean
  • David Beddoe
  • Ysabeault d'Valar-Alba
  • Stephanie Essig
  • Peter Shirreffs
  • sara jinha
  • F M Lunn
  • Trycia Bazinet
  • Anne Dagenais Guertin
  • Michael Bradley
  • Andrea Prazmowski
  • Martha Ruben
  • Kathy Vandergrift
  • Robert Dunn
  • Maria Pitczuk
  • Nancy Biggs
  • Pat Taylor
  • Sharon Zvonar
  • Peter Gose
  • Allison Miller
  • Elise Mennie
  • Elise Mennie
  • Randi Drevland
  • Denise Giroux
  • Pierre Blin
  • Lisbeth Slabotsky
  • Krzysztof Szychowski
  • Jessica Ostroff
  • Bill Mcleish
  • Tim Larmour
  • yvon cyr
  • Vivien Ratcliffe
  • Christopher Carter
  • David Beddoe
  • Noelle Reeve
  • Meghan Graham
  • Erica Angers
  • s fick
  • Tyler Levitan
  • Shirley Walsh
  • Martha Ruben
  • Anita Payne
  • Frances Slaney
  • Jalna Hunt
  • Feliks Welfeld
  • Margaret Reardon
  • georgina chaplin
  • Dara OhUiginn
  • Dr. Bob Abell
  • .Bernard Walke
  • Nicole Welsh
  • Erwin Dreessen
  • Robert D'Aoust
  • Rebecca Leaver
  • Elaine Thompson
  • Susan Brown
  • Janette Niwa
  • Stephanie Essig
  • Krzysztof Szychowski
  • Evaa Janine Mikkael
  • brian wolfe
  • Julia Levin
  • Anne Jon
  • Susan McLenaghan
  • Tyler Levitan
  • Kathleen Gourley
  • Jalna Hunt
  • Larry Wilkens
  • Mélodie Pelletier
  • Joseph Witalis
  • Kerry Kennedy
  • Jane Keeler
  • Bill Henry
  • Angelique Iles
  • Diane Clement
  • Tanya Schmah
  • Sara Whitteker
  • Jacob Wright
  • Anna Bogic
  • Darcie Ilnitski
  • Don Smith
  • Marie-Josée Simard
  • Keir Knight
  • Laurie Verch
  • Gillian Kirkland
  • Kathleen Gourley
  • Sharon Zvonar
  • Leah Droppo
  • Ines Huang
  • Judith Matheson
  • Elizabeth Godon
  • Diane Temple
  • Payton Godon
  • Anne Schmitz
  • Gloria Reinosa
  • Stephanie McNeely
  • Heather Lindsay
  • Lloyd Hardy
  • Steven Parkinson
  • David Beddoe
  • Hilary Samuel
  • Sara Jinha
  • Wendy Dennys
  • Francis Bayerl
  • margot LOUCKS
  • Majda Skerl
  • L Lev
  • Diane McIntyre
  • Chantal Sicotte
  • Earl Snider
  • Donna Ashizawa

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