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If you don't have Twitter, the most powerful thing you can do right now is call the Environment Minister Jonathan Wilkinson -- to make sure he hears our Green New Deal message in these crucial final days before the throne speech. Whether he’s heading into the office, on his computer, or on his phone, our message will be loud and clear: Canadians voted for decisive action on climate and we support a Green New Deal.

Minister Wilkinson and Trudeau are working together closely right now to tackle the biggest challenges facing Canada: the climate emergency. But they’re also under pressure to address flaring western tensions.

A flood of calls right now could convince them that a Green New Deal is the perfect solution. Will you call the Environment Minister now?
  • Enter your information in the right hand box, including your phone number.
  • Click the “Call Now” button.
  • We will call you back to connect you to Minister Wilkinson’s phone line.
  • You will likely get a staff member or a voicemail. You can say you have a message for the new Minister and to please pass it on to him.
  • If you voted Liberal, don’t forget to mention this!
Talking points:
  • The Liberals were given a clear mandate from voters to implement bold solutions to the climate emergency that threatens us all.
  • We’re in a climate emergency, and I want to see the new Environment Minister championing bold solutions that can tackle climate, inequality and growing western alienation.
  • A Green New Deal for Canada can unite this country with big investments in green energy projects and jobs, while also slashing emissions in line with science.

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