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We’ve got until May 31st to make sure Minister of Transportation Claire Trevena takes action to protect indigenous women and girls along BC’s treacherous Highway of Tears. 

On June 1st, the Greyhound service along Highway 16 will stop running --  leaving many people along the highway with no long distance travel option besides hitchhiking to get around. And for many, that option could be fatal. But Minister Trevena has no plans to replace the bus service. 

Time is running out, and we need to show Minister Trevena that British Columbians are expecting her to come up with a solution. If we can flood the Minister with calls from all across the province demanding that she take action, she’ll have no choice but to listen.

Will you call Minister Trevena now? 

Our tool will transfer you to Minister Trevena’s office to leave a message on her voicemail or with her staff. Make sure your phone is handy, and then enter your information (including your phone number) on this page, and we'll connect you to the Minister's office. 
Not sure what to say? Feel free to use these simple talking points:
  • I'm calling to urge the Minister to replace the Greyhound service on Highway 16. 
  • Most of the indigenous women and girls who have gone missing or been murdered on the Highway of Tears disappeared while hitchhiking. Without affordable long distance transportation, more and more people will have to hitchhike, which means that more lives are going to be put at risk. 
  • We can’t afford to not have a solution in place for when the Greyhound service ends on May 31st -- please stand up for communities along the Highway of Tears, and implement a plan to keep them safe. 

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