Chip in to tell the Education Minister: sex ed saves lives

Last week, the new Education Minister Lisa Thompson did a total flip-flop on her position on sex ed.  

Your pressure has clearly shaken Minister Thompson, and now it's time to dial up the pressure in her own riding, Huron-Bruce. We just put a hold on a full-page colour ad in this week’s edition of her riding’s only local newspaper.

Let's send Thompson a clear message from almost 80,000 of us: hands off the 2015 fact-based sex education curriculum that keeps kids safe. To get a massive full-page ad up the local weekly paper we need $5,000 by midnight on Wednesday. 

Will you chip in to make sure we can send Lisa Thompson a message she can’t ignore?

Please note: According to Ontario law, we are required to report to Elections Ontario the names and addresses of those who contribute more than $100 to our political advertising campaigns in Ontario up to 3 months after election day. Elections Ontario will publish the names and amounts of those who contribute over $100 on its website.

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