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Leadnow is an independent voice — a way for hundreds of thousands of us to speak truth to power, regardless of who “power” is. To preserve that independence, we don’t take big cheques from CEOs or corporations — we’re funded by small contributions from you, our members.

Together, these small contributions make us big — really big — and allow us to take on the corporate giants and political heavy-weights that threaten our democracy.

But looking at the numbers, we need to raise $65,231 by December 31st if we want to keep fighting for a better Canada in 2019, especially with a federal election around the corner.

So if you love what Leadnow does to fight for our shared values — will you please chip in a few bucks to help keep us strong and fighting into the new year?

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Leadnow is sustained by thousands of small, individual donations from across the country. Can you chip in to help fund our hard-hitting campaigns?