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Together we’ve flooded Ontario’s finance committee with emails demanding they move Bill 101 to end Ford’s taxpayer-funded propaganda -- and they’ve noticed.[1]

Tomorrow, committee members are joining Conservative MPPs at a big party meeting, where they’ll decide what issues to prioritize.

We know lots of PC MPPs support legislation to ban taxpayer funded propaganda -- and if enough of us call them right now, we can get them to push the committee to get the bill back on the agenda -- and move it to a final vote.

Will you call your MPP before they leave at 5pm today?

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  • ?If you're a PC voter make sure you tell them this.

Talking points
  • My name is ___, and I’m a constituent in [MPP’s name] riding
  • I’m very concerned that the government is using public money to fund one-sided political ads.
  • These kinds of deceptive ads undermine democracy and erode trust in government
  • Bill 101 -- which would allow the Auditor General to block publicly-funded political ads -- is sitting at committee -- but is no-where on its agenda.
  • There’s cross party support for this issue -- the bill was originally brought forward by PC Solicitor General Sylvia Jones -- and the Conservatives campaigned to fix advertising rules in 2018.
  • I’m calling on [MPP name] to do the right thing and speak up in support of bringing Bill 101 back to the legislature for a final vote.
  • Local voters like myself are taking note of how they respond to this issue.


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