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The Saudi Arabian government is murdering their own citizens using weapons they bought from Canada. [1]

According to videos circulating on social media, the Saudi military is using Canadian-made armoured vehicles as part of violent attacks against Shia civilians -- a persecuted religious minority. [2] We have to act now to block the sale of arms to Saudi Arabia before any more Canadian weapons are used to commit atrocities against civilians. 

Last year Trudeau defended an arms contract with the Saudis in the face of mounting human rights concerns by promising to cancel the deal if the equipment was being used to commit human rights abuses. [3] Now, faced with evidence that they are, the government must take immediate action to cancel the permits so this can never happen again. 

Pressure is building on Trudeau to take action. A massive public outcry could create enough of a public relations nightmare that Trudeau has no choice but to cancel the contract, or risk damaging his reputation as a leader on human rights.

Sign the petition calling Trudeau to block the sale or shipment of Canadian-made arms to Saudi Arabia.

[1-2] Ottawa calls for probe into apparent Saudi use of Canadian-made armoured vehicles against citizens (The Globe and Mail).

[3]   Justin Trudeau defends Saudi deal — ‘We’re not a banana republic’ (Toronto Star): 


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It's wrong to profit from human rights abuses. Immediately ban the sale or export of arms to Saudi Arabia.

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