Defend the Environment, Save the Greenbelt, and Protect our Water: Stop Bill 66

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URGENT:  The government’s Bill 66 consultation closes midnight on Sunday. Sending in messages could make the difference between whether or not Ontario guts environmental protections that keep our drinking water safe, harmful pollutants out of lakes, and industrial sprawl out of the Greenbelt. There's no time to waste. Send your message now.

Bill 66 is a massive corporate giveaway that puts our land, air, water at risk. If passed it will let big money developers and cashed-up corporations ignore the current environmental laws  — and dump, drill and build wherever they want -- no matter the environmental cost.

Here are just a few things at risk:

  • Clean drinking water. Bill 66 would let corporations ignore protections like the Clean Water Act -- which was put in place after the tragedy in Walkerton where seven people died and thousands made sick from E. coli poisoning. The bill puts real lives in danger with the threat of drinking water contamination.

  • Ontario’s Greenbelt. Those 2 million acres of tranquil, protected nature — that grow our food, provide habitat for endangered species, and hiking trails for nature walks — would be opened up for major industrial  development and urban sprawl. Think giant factories spewing out industrial toxins, and mega-subdivisions where lush forests used to flourish. 

  • The Great Lakes — which house one fifth of the world’s freshwater and supply Ontarians with 80% of our drinking water, would be threatened with harmful pollutants, toxic chemicals, and greater wetlands loss, making them less swimmable, drinkable, and fishable. 

The Ontario government is collecting public feedback on Bill 66 until January 20, to help them decide how to move forward. Will you take a few minutes to send a message calling on government decision-makers to protect our land, air and water and scrap Bill 66 before it's too late?


Send a message to the Ontario government's consultation on Bill 66. You can either send what's already in there or customize your own message.

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