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URGENT: Today, Ford's Greenbelt-destroying Bill 23 is scheduled for a final vote. [Update: opposition MPPs have managed to delay the vote til Monday. Keep up the pressure!]

We've heard from allies that the combined pressure of many organizations pushing back on the bill is having an impact.1 But our last chance to stop the bill — to stop this attack on the Greenbelt, democracy and housing affordability — is likely these next few days.2

If we can make Ford's MPPs feel the heat, it may be enough to convince them to halt consideration of the bill until more improvements can be made. Help deliver the pressure needed  call your MPP right now before the vote is finished. Even if you have a non-Conservative MPP, make sure to call so they know their constituents are calling on them to vote against Bill 23. Be patient and kindly with their staff; just make sure they know your concerns using the talking points below.

NOTE: Some MPPs have changed phone numbers. If you are unable to connect to your MPP directly through our calling tool, you can find their contact info at this link: https://www.ola.org/en/members/current/contact-information/queens-park
Talking Points:
  • I am calling as a concerned citizen and urge you to vote against Bill 23 today
  • It is an attack on democracy — it takes power away from municipalities and communities.
  • It will bring irrevocable damage to the Greenbelt — which Premier promised to leave untouched. In the middle of a climate crisis, we cannot afford to be attacking wetlands, farmlands or our water.
  • Despite claims, there is no evidence this Bill will help the housing crisis — instead, it is set to benefit wealthy developers. We need real investment in affordable housing.

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