Stop the Kinder Morgan buyout - Snap Action - Halifax, (Halifax)

Monday Jun 4, 12pm

Liberal MP Andy Fillmore's Constituency Office

1888 Brunswick St. , Halifax, (Halifax)

Hosted by: Aidan McNally

The Trudeau government just announced an outrageous plan to buy the failing Trans Mountain pipeline and tanker project from Kinder Morgan -- costing taxpayers up to $15 billion.

Let that sink in. Dozens of First Nations still don’t have clean drinking water. We’re facing a housing crisis. Renewable energy projects are desperate for more funding. But Trudeau thinks there’s enough extra cash lying around to spend up to $15 billion on a pipeline so risky even Kinder Morgan doesn’t think it’s a good investment?

The sale won’t be finalized for at least a month, and if there’s a massive backlash from voters, Trudeau could still cancel the buyout.

That’s why on Monday, June 4th, people across the country are planning snap actions outside their MP’s offices as part of a National Day of Action to Stop the Kinder Morgan Buyout. If enough people join local rallies, it could be enough to force Trudeau to reconsider this outrageous buyout scheme.

Will you join this emergency action to tell the Trudeau government to Stop the Kinder Morgan buyout?

Note: If you can’t make it to this event, you can search for other events near you, or sign up to host an action in your community.


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