Send a letter to the editor to stop Teck Frontier - Canada’s biggest ever tar sands mine

The clock is ticking on Liberal ministers’ decision to approve or reject the Teck Frontier tar sands mine. Ministers are divided on the issue -- which means we have a chance to convince them to reject the mine.

If we can show the Liberals that more and more voters are against the mega-mine, it could drown out the oil lobby and convince ministers to reject Teck. Will you write a short letter to the editor today so we can get your Reject Teck message in local newspapers -- seen by cabinet ministers across the country?

We’ve put together an easy to use tool that will help you submit letters to your local newspapers. We’ve included some talking points below to help you write the letter.
Talking points
  • I oppose the expansion of tar sands production and call on Liberal ministers to reject the Teck Frontier mine.
  • Trudeau’s cabinet decision on Teck Frontier is due at the end of February. It's the first real climate test for this government.
  • I am one of the two thirds of voters who voted for increased climate action.
  • We have less than ten years to limit climate catastrophe and must act quickly to cut carbon emissions.
  • The mine is incompatible with our climate targets. It will emit approximately 6 megatonnes of carbon emissions per year.
  • It would result in “significant adverse effects” on the Indigenous rights, and irreversible environmental damage.
  • The mine would result in a loss of habitat for local species including Wood Bison and Whooping Crane.
  • It will never be financially viable due to its reliance on unrealistically high oil prices.
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