Stop the Kinder Morgan buyout

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Trudeau’s Finance Minister just confirmed what we feared: he’s planning to use $4.5 billion of your tax dollars to buy Kinder Morgan’s floundering pipeline and tanker scheme, syphoning it directly into their corporate coffers. [1] [2]

Dozens of First Nations still don’t have clean drinking water. We’re facing a housing crisis. Renewable energy projects are desperate for more funding. But Trudeau thinks there’s enough extra cash lying around to hand over $4.5 billion of our money?
We need to show the Trudeau government that taxpayers won’t let them get away with using our hard-earned money to buy out a billionaire oil corporation, because they don't think the project is viable. We can't afford to wait.
Will you sign the petition right now to stop Trudeau from giving billions of our tax dollars to Kinder Morgan and to learn what's next in our campaign?

To Prime Minister Trudeau and Finance Minister Morneau,

Don't use my tax dollars to bail out the Kinder Morgan project. Instead, invest in green energy projects that respect Indigenous rights.

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