Time to Crackdown on Offshore Tax Avoiders

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The release of the Paradise Papers has given the public an unprecedented look into the backroom dealings of the rich and powerful and the results aren’t pretty.

Corpprate giants and the billionaire class are the biggest offenders and we’re losing billions at the expense of our schools and hospitals. [1] Loblaws, the Montreal Canadiens, past Prime Ministers and a top Liberal fundraiser have all been implicated, along with 3000 other corporations and Canada’s wealthiest elite. [2] 

The Trudeau government has promised time and time again to crack down on tax dodging, but now – in the face of these explosive revelations – we need more than words. [3]

But we know that a powerful ‘billionaire’s law firm’ has already been doing everything in its power block offshore tax legislation that would close a particularly terrible loophole in our tax system. [4]

We need to make sure our people-powered demands for a crackdown on tax avoidance drown out the voices of vested interests. And the best way to do that is building a massive petition.

Will you add your name and join the fight against corporate tax avoidance?

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