Tell your MPP: vote no on Ford's healthcare overhaul

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Rumours are flying around that MPPs are voting on Ford’s health care overhaul bill for the last time as early as tomorrow. 

If they vote it through, it will become legal for the province to sell off our public health services to help American-style, for-profit corporations get rich. 

We only need 11 PC MPPs to vote NO or to simply not show up to vote to block it from passing into law. But for this to work we need every constituent that lives in a PC riding calling their local MPP now. 

It all comes down to this. Call your PC MPP now and ask them to vote NO to Ford’s healthcare bill.
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Talking points you can use:
  • My name is XXX, and I’m a constituent in [MPPs name] riding
  • I’m very concerned that Bill 74 doesn’t prohibit the expansion of for-profit healthcare delivery in Ontario. 
  • For-profit healthcare leads to worse health outcomes, slower delivery -- and 94% of Canadians don’t want it in our public system.
  • I’ve been one of tens of thousands calling on this government to make sure the new legislation bans for-profit care, but they haven’t listened 
  • I’m now calling on my MPP [name] to do the right thing and vote bill 74 down. Local voters will remember how they vote on this.

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