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The Ontario PC government is flying in the face of Canadian values and leaving our most vulnerable behind by cutting programs and services that empower people with disabilities to direct their own lives and to live, work, play and find places of belonging in their communities. 

They have already attempted cuts to education, kindergarten, environment and most recently children with autism that has generated a huge public outcry -  lobbying the government, rallies to protest the planned cuts have been successful in reversing the planned rollbacks and policy decisions. 

Independent Facilitation is a new, yet established practice. It is a vital component on the leading edge of creating a foundation for person directed citizenship  for adults living with developmental disabilities, including many with autism. Ontario, with the Independent Facilitation Demonstration Project, showed true commitment and leadership with this practice. Testimonies from individuals and their families confirmed the significant value and positive benefits they received.  In spite of the demonstrated impact, the Ford PC government has moved forward with cancelling all funding for organizations providing the service.  This is clear evidence of a political agenda targeted at dismantling the social well-being programs designed to help prevent people and families from falling through the cracks.  Although people are being told that they will be able to continue these services using Passport funding, the reality is that many people only receive the minimum Passport amount, and these funds are already strapped, nor does this do anything to help the almost 16,000 people on the wait-list for Passport.

Funding continues for one month - March 31 it ends. This is our chance to make our voices heard in support of Independent Facilitation, and the well-being it brings to the individuals and families who need it. There will be no second chance - it is now or never.  The PC government has shown they are not interested in listening to the  individuals, families and organizations most intimately involved with the practice - the only thing that will get their attention now is a mass of public outcry, demanding it. Will you lend your voice to support ours in the fight to secure this vital program for the people who need it?

The Canada I grew up in takes care of its vulnerable populations, and I'm proud of our country for that. I hope you are too.  If you have experience with Independent Facilitation to share, please reference that in your letter; there are many powerful stories in this space that have the capacity to open eyes and change minds! 

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