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The Liberals just voted down a wealth tax only two months after Prime Minister Trudeau promised “a tax on extreme wealth inequality”. 1 2

A wealth tax could help fund crumbling schools and cash-strapped hospitals. It could ensure everyone can afford life-saving medications and put food on the table.

In the midst of a devastating second COVID-19 surge, countries around the world are looking at taxing the super rich to shore up funding for public services and help pay for the high costs of the pandemic. But our government just blocked a tiny 1% tax on fortunes greater than $20 million. 3 4

So far, the Liberals’ vote against a wealth tax has gone under the radar in the media. But with the pandemic pushing millions around the world into poverty while the rich get richer,5 we can’t let this go unchecked.

Thousands of messages straight to Prime Minister Trudeau's inbox could be enough to force him to reconsider and put the wealth tax back on the agenda. Send a message now.

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