Tell Trudeau: Canada needs a Basic Income now.

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There's a simple way to make sure everyone can afford basic essentials — and it’s supported by MPs from all parties, economists, and a majority of Canadians1 2 3. A guaranteed, livable basic income, coupled with investments in basic services, would ensure everyone has what they need to get by.

Prime Minister Trudeau has promised to transform our social security system — but so far, he hasn’t committed to Basic Income. A huge petition showing that there is public support for a guaranteed payment of $500/week, could be enough to convince Trudeau to invest in Basic Income — and do it quickly so our economy can weather any surge in cases of the virus.

Sign the petition to Prime Minister Trudeau calling for a guaranteed, livable basic income now.

Prime Minister Trudeau:

Tackle economic inequality with a guaranteed $500/week income for all.

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