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Parliament breaks for the summer in less than a week — and the Conservatives are exploiting COVID-19 to score political points — and derailing Bill C-12 in the process. 1

If they succeed, it could stop any progress on government bills — including C-12. We could lose critical climate legislation thousands of us fought to improve, that could help ensure we finally slashes emissions at the scale scientists say is necessary. We could lose our best chance of holding governments accountable to our climate targets.

Send an urgent message to your MP calling on them to prioritize Bill C-12 now.
Talking points:
We've included some talking points you can use but if you have a personal story — it would go a long way.
  • I am writing today to ensure you don't miss a historic opportunity for climate action in Canada.
  • Bill C-12 will help ensure Canada meets its climate targets, but it needs to pass into law before you rise for the summer, or risk delaying climate action.
  • If we want to ensure a livable planet for ourselves and our future generations, we have to act quickly.
  • Please do the right thing and prioritize this important climate legislation. Canadians are counting on you to act quickly and pass Bill C-12.
  • If you voted for your MP, be sure to mention it.
  • Parliamentarians must stay on the Hill until Bill C-12 is passed. 

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