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On April 22, Prime Minister Trudeau will participate in a global climate summit hosted by U.S. President Biden. World leaders will unveil their plans to cut emissions and tackle the climate emergency.1

We know that Trudeau’s planning to announce a new climate target, in an attempt to secure his image as a global climate leader. But with the fossil fuel industry’s pressure, and reports of secretive meetings with oil lobbyists2, we’re concerned that Trudeau’s climate commitments won’t go far enough.

If thousands of us sign an emergency petition — to show Trudeau that his reputation is on the line, and urge him to meet the scale of the climate crisis with ambitious climate targets and a plan to meet them — we could help drown out the oil lobby.

But the climate summit starts soon — so we need this campaign to go viral, fast.

Sign and share the petition now. For every 1000 signatures, we'll tweet the petition to Trudeau.

Prime Minister Trudeau:

Take decisive action to tackle the climate emergency now:
- Commit to at least halving emissions by 2030;
- Ensure proper support for frontline communities, including Indigenous, racialized, low-income communities and workers most impacted by climate change;
- Introduce a plan that holds the government accountable for actually meeting these targets, while ensuring no one is left behind.

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