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LGBTQ children are still being forced to undergo conversion therapy -- the practice of trying to change their sexual orientation or gender through therapy, medication or religious observances. 

The impact on survivors is deeply harmful: they struggle with their identities, feel a deep sense of shame about who they are, and even experience suicidal thoughts. [1] [2]

Right now, the federal government is considering a national ban on the sham practice [3] -- but it looks like they could be trying to pass the buck to the provinces [4] potentially leading to a patchwork of regulations where this medieval, discredited form of “therapy” is illegal in some provinces but not others

With the lives of the LGBTQ community at risk, we can’t afford to take that chance. 

A groundswell of public support, while the government is considering changing the law, could be the push needed to outlaw conversion therapy once and for all. Will you add your voice?


To Canada's Special Advisor to the Prime Minister on LGBTQ issues:

Implement a national ban on conversion therapy, to make sure every single LGBTQ child has the freedom to be who they are -- regardless of what province they live in.

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