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We just witnessed one of the tightest elections in BC’s history. There’s still a chance that recounts and absentee ballots could tip the scales to give the NDP or Liberals a majority, but one thing is clear: a huge majority voted for change.

As the results stand now, the NDP and Greens combined have more seats than the Liberals. Both parties have promised action on important issues the Leadnow community cares about, including:

  • Fixing our broken voting system
  • Getting big money out of politics
  • Stopping the Kinder Morgan pipeline and Site C dam

Assuming the results hold, we now have an incredible opportunity to move BC forward after 16 years of Liberal rule - but only if the Greens and NDP agree to cooperate and work together on our shared values.

The next 48 hours will set the tone for what’s possible. Christy Clark will try to frame cooperation between the NDP and the Greens as a “backroom deal” in a desperate attempt to retain power. That’s why it’s so important that we demonstrate public support for cooperation now, before the BC Liberals can sabotage it.

Plus, after exchanging attacks during the election, the NDP and Greens may be wary about working together. If we want them to cooperate, we need to make this petition huge. Will you add your name?

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To: NDP Leader John Horgan and Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver.

Please work together to fix our broken voting system, stop Kinder Morgan and Site C and get big money out of politics.

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