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In just hours, Conservative MPPs are meeting to discuss Ford’s plan to ram through legislation to slash Toronto city council in half. This legislation represents a massive abuse of power and will make it easier for Ford to ram his unpopular agenda through at City Hall.

We’re hearing rumours that Ford’s trying to pass this into law in a matter of days — without even letting it go to his own committee for review.

Our best shot at stopping Ford’s attack on our democracy is with a flood of public pressure from voters to vulnerable Conservatives who face the most risk if Ford’s plan goes ahead: Toronto-area MPPs.

These MPPs know that if they’re going to be reelected, they can’t afford to lose the support of Toronto voters -- and that means that your voice has power.

If an unprecedented number of us flood vulnerable conservative MPPs with messages right now, it could force these Toronto MPPs to speak out in their meeting this afternoon, and spark an internal fight big enough that leaves Ford no choice but to hit pause on running roughshod over Toronto’s democracy.

But with the meeting happening in mere hours, we have to act fast . Send a message to Conservative MPPs in Toronto calling on them to speak out at the caucus meeting this afternoon. 

~Part of a joint campaign with Leadnow and Progress Toronto~

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