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36 Ministers were sworn into office yesterday -- and in a minority government where Prime Minister Trudeau is said to be stepping back from the spotlight, these Ministers will have real power over their files. [1]

There's a huge responsibility for these Ministers to act on the most urgent issues of our time: climate change -- but also now, growing regional tension, as workers in the energy provinces question what the transition away from fossil fuels means for their livelihoods.

But while everyone is questioning whether climate action and national unity are compatible -- we know there’s a big, glaring solution that could help the new Environment Minister, Jonathan Wilkinson, and “National Unity” Minister Chrystia Freeland [2] move us forward: a Green New Deal.

It’s a plan that can unite people across Canada by coming together to tackle a problem that threatens us all. One that would start with huge investments in Alberta and Saskatchewan for oil workers to transition to clean energy jobs, end fossil fuel subsidies, and implement UNDRIP to affirm Indigenous Peoples’ rights to the protection of the environment.

Today is Minister Wilkinson and Minister Freeland’s first day in the job. If the first thing they see is a flood of emails in their inbox, making the case for a Green New Deal as a solution to the climate emergency and national unity -- it could be enough to get their support for our Green New Deal policies.

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