Tell Doug Ford: Protect the Greenbelt, Stop Highway 413

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Doug Ford is doubling down on his plan to destroy our Greenbelt with the dirty and destructive Highway 413.1 And now he is barreling ahead with another major highway project — the Bradford Bypass.2

Both Highway 413 and the Bradford Bypass would cause significant environmental damage, degrade the water source of millions of animals and people and cost Ontarians billions of dollars.3,4 

He thinks he can bulldoze over the widespread opposition to Highway 413 and Bradford Bypass with an ad blitz and flashy press conferences.

If we can flood Ford's inbox right now, voicing our opposition to Highway 413 and the Bradford Bypass, it could convince him that the public is paying attention — and we won't let him get away with this. Will you send a message to Doug Ford right now and demand he cancel plans to pave over our Greenbelt and invest in clean, green and public transportation instead?

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