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Update: On Tuesday, January 12th, while announcing new measures to curb the spread of COVID-19 in Ontario, the Ford government revealed they'll be introducing a residential evictions ban then they immediately backtracked.1,2 Send a message calling on Ford to ban evictions now.
Tenants are being evicted from their homes during a public health crisis. With 2,000 eviction hearings taking place every week — even Ontario's Landlord and Tenant Board adjudicators are calling it an eviction “blitz”.1 2

But yesterday, Ontario MPPs voted unanimously to support a motion that would ban evictions during the pandemic. It’s a massive step towards protecting tenants, but now Premier Ford needs to sign an emergency order to bring the eviction ban into effect.3

With MPPs on side, a massive display of people power could convince Ford to do what’s right and put an immediate stop to COVID evictions. But with the legislature adjourning for the holidays, we have to act fast.

If you think no one should lose their home during a global pandemic, send a message calling Premier Ford to ban COVID evictions now.

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