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We’re hearing word that tomorrow Ford’s going to try and pull a fast one on all of us at Ontario's Legislature: shut down formal debate on the bill to takeover Toronto and refuse to send it to committee for review —in other words, curb the democratic process so he can ram his bill into law.

But we aren’t going to let him get away with this.

If we can pack the public gallery at Queen’s Park tomorrow morning with more people than the building has ever seen, this show of people-powered opposition could make Ford balk and thwart his plans to subvert the democratic process.

But to make it work, we need to as many people as possible to show up. Wil you join us tomorrow at 9:45? RSVP here and then we’ll send you everything you need to know about attending.

What: Pack the Queen’s Park Gallery
When: Thursday August 2 at 9:45AM
Legislative Assembly, Queen’s Park, south entrance (front steps)

We're working to make showing up at the Queen’s Park gallery as easy for you as possible. We’ll have people to greet you at the doors, and once you sign up, we’ll send you everything you need to know. RSVP now.

Let's pack the Queen's Park gallery tomorrow to thwart Ford's plans! RSVP here.

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