Tell Environment Minister Wilkinson: Reject Teck - Canada's biggest ever tar sands mine

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Environment Minister Jonathan Wilkinson is deciding whether to rubberstamp the largest tar sands mine Canada has ever seen -- and his decision could come any day.

The $20-billion Teck Frontier Mine in Alberta will unleash a flood of global warming pollution equivalent to adding a million new cars on the road, and make it impossible for Canada to meet its climate targets. It infringes on the rights of Indigenous peoples. And economists say it’s not financially viable. [1][2][3][4]

Rejecting the mega-mine should be a no-brainer. But Alberta Premier Jason Kenney and a swarm of big oil lobbyists are ramping up pressure on the federal government to approve it. [4][5]

If we’re going to reduce Canada’s emissions and change course on the climate emergency, we can’t let Kenney convince Minister Wilkinson to approve this project. A massive petition will signal our opposition and send the message that people across Canada don't want more tar sands destruction. Add your name now.

To Minister Wilkinson:

The Teck Frontier mine is fundamentally incompatible with Canada’s commitments to tackling the climate emergency.

We call on you to reject Teck, and invest in good green jobs and training for impacted communities.

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