Premier Ford: Reinstate paid sick days to help stop the spread of the coronavirus

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There are 37 confirmed cases of COVID19 (coronavirus) in Ontario — and public health officials are urging people who show symptoms to self-quarantine.[1]

But self-quarantining and missing work is a privilege many Ontarian workers don’t have. Thanks to Doug Ford changing labour laws, some workers in Ontario only have three UNPAID days for sick leave. [2]

The absence of paid sick leave forces workers to show up for work even if they’re feeling unwell. And with a quickly spreading virus,  it’s a recipe for disaster. [3]

Doug Ford has the power to pass an emergency bill to reinstate paid sick days and prevent this pandemic from getting much worse — and doctors and health professionals are urging Ford to do this. A massive petition signed by tens of thousands of us could be the final push he needs to take real action. Will you add your name?


Premier Doug Ford and Health Minister Christine Elliot:

Reinstate paid sick days so workers who need to can self-quarantine and prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

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Together we can push Ford to reinstate paid sick days and prevent the spread of the coronavirus.