Send a message to Premier Ford and Health Minister Jones: paid sick leave save lives

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BREAKING: The Ford government just extended Ontario’s paid sick leave program. [1]

But it’s woefully inadequate. The Worker Income Protection Benefit (WIPB) gives workers a measly three sick days for a virus that experts say requires a minimum of 10 days of isolation. [2, 3, 4] 

With a new summer wave of COVID-19 tearing through communities and Ford's WIPB program falling short, it feels like the Ford government has abandoned workers and given up the fight against COVID-19 but the pandemic isn't over.

The Ford government just announced they’re extending the program. A flood of backlash — sounding the alarm that it doesn’t go far enough — could force them to revisit their decision and consider 10 days of permanent, universal, and paid sick leave. Will you send a message to Premier Ford, Labour Minister McNaughton, and Health Minister Sylvia Jones to immediately legislate 10 paid sick leave to save lives?
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