Stop the Massive Expansion of the Vista Coal Mine

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We only have until July 30 to stop the Trudeau Liberals from rubber stamping one of the biggest coal mines in Canadian history.

The Vista Coal Mine in Northern Alberta is trying to double in size to produce 15 million tons of coal each year. If Big Coal gets their way, the expansion will infringe on Indigenous rights, pump as much carbon pollution into the climate as 7 million cars, and violate Canada’s own commitment to phasing out coal at home and abroad. [1] [2] [3]

If we blow the lid on this story and show Trudeau’s Liberals that there’s massive public opposition to the mine, it could be enough to convince them to put the brakes on the Vista Coal Mine and run a proper environmental assessment of the project — but with the deadline fast approaching, we have no time to waste. Sign now.

To: Environment Minister Wilkinson

Require a federal environmental assessment on the massive expansion of the Vista Coal Mine.

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