Urgent: call your MPP to stop Ford Toronto takeover

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UPDATE: After a flood of calls from Leadnow members and Progress Toronto activists last week, the PCs were forced to delay the vote on their brazen slash to Toronto city council until tomorrow (Tuesday, August 14). Our pressure is working, but the PCs are trying to ram the bill through a vote -- we only have 24 hours to stop them.

The only way to stop it now is with a last-minute flood of public pressure, bigger than this government has ever seen.

You live in a conservative riding, which means your voice has power. If an unprecedented number of us flood conservative MPPs with calls in this final moment, it could be enough to make them think twice about voting for Ford’s reckless bill, out of fear of losing local support.

Will you call your local conservative MPP now and demand they vote no to his reckless bill?

Our tool will transfer you to your MPPs office to leave a message on their voicemail or with their staff. Make sure your phone is handy, and then enter your information (including your phone number) on this page, and we'll call you back and connect you to your MPPs office. 

Talking points.

  • Hi, I’m a constituent of [MPP name] and I’m calling to voice my opposition to Ford’s Bill to slash Toronto city Council (Bill 5). I want my MPP to vote no. (If you voted for your MPP in the last election, make sure you tell them this).

  • This bill is a clear abuse of power against local democracy. Fast-tracking a bill to slash a city council without warning or public consultation, in the middle of Toronto’s municipal elections, is undemocratic, reckless, and totally unfair.  

  • Can you tell [MPP name] that they stand to lose the support of me and thousands of voters if they vote this legislation through?

    If the tool isn't working for you, you can find your MPP's number and call them directly from your phone, here: https://www.ola.org/en/members/current/contact-information

    And/or, if you can't get through for any reason (busy signal, voicemail is full, etc.), you can call the Minister of Municipal Affairs instead — which we're asking the rest of the province to do — here: https://act.leadnow.ca/urgent-takeover

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