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A small but growing group of countries - mostly led by women - have joined the Wellbeing Economy Governments partnership.1 The aim is to transform economies around the world to prioritize well-being for people and the planet, instead of endless growth.

These countries have committed to doing that work together, taking action such as publishing the first National Wellbeing report in New Zealand and joining the European Union’s statement recognizing the need for a well-being based economy.2 3

It’s time for Canada to join them.

For too long, growth at any cost has dominated economic thinking. A nation’s economic health is typically measured by its “Gross Domestic Product”, or GDP - a simple tallying of all the financial transactions that occurred in a given year.

But GDP says nothing about how the wealth is used, where it is allocated, or what prompted it. Money spent on damage from a car crash is treated as positively as money spent feeding people or creating cherished art. The value of wealth is in what it will do for people - not the other way around. We are so much more than the sum of our productivity.

Sign the petition calling on the Canadian government to join the Wellbeing Economy Governments partnership today.

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Tell Prime Minister Trudeau, Finance Minister Freeland, and Foreign Minister Joly to join the Wellbeing Economy Governments partnership and prioritize an economy that puts people and the planet first.

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