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On February 17th, MPs will debate a critical Universal Pharmacare bill that could finally make pharmacare a reality — but only if enough Liberal MPs throw their weight behind the bill and help get it passed. A flood of calls from local constituents now could convince a critical mass of Liberal MPs to speak up at debate and vote in favour of Bill C-213. We could finally make progress on universal, single-payer pharmacare.

Instructions on how to call. It’ll only take a minute, but make a big difference. It’s super easy.
1. Read the talking points below.
2. Enter your information to the right, including your phone number.
3. We’ll call you back, connecting you directly to one of our target MPs.
4. Leave a message on the answering machine if you reach voicemail. If you speak to office staff, just ask them to pass on your message to the MP. Make sure to tell them your name and that your message needs to reach the MP urgently, before the debate on Bill 213 is over.
5. If you’re a Liberal voter, or have voted Liberal in the past, don’t forget to mention that!

Talking points to include in your message:
  • As your constituent, I am calling because you promised pharmacare. Universal Pharmacare Bill C-213 is being debated on February 17th and I urge you to support it.
  • 1 in 4 Canadians can't afford to fill life-saving prescriptions and in a country as prosperous as Canada, this is unacceptable.
  • Canada pays more for medications than almost any other country in the world with a universal healthcare system. 
  • Please ensure that you vote in favour of Bill C-213 and deliver a universal, single-payer pharmacare system that will ensure full access to life-saving medication for all, regardless of ability to pay. 

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