Local Organizing

Organize for a just, sustainable, and equitable future for Canada

Leadnow is a people-powered community that brings together people from across Canada to fight for a better Canada. Organizing and campaigning together, we have stood in the way of pipelines, rallied for democratic reform, and mobilized thousands of voters in key elections to defeat governments that stand in the way of our vision.

Now, we're laying the foudnation for a major campaign in BC to help win proportional representation in the upcoming referndum, and we're building new technology to help Leadnow members organize snap rallies across the country on any issue at the flip of a switch. 

Don't live in BC? What can people power do in your area? Click here to start your own petition and win your local campaign, and get support from Leadnow staff along the way. 

On our organizing site, you can sign up to volunteer and find local events in your area:

Visit our organizing website