Call your MP for a Bold Emissions Cap

Today’s National Day of Action is our biggest swing yet in the fight for a Bold Emissions Cap. With Big Oil spending millions on lobbying against climate policies like the emissions cap, we have to act now to protect our communities from increasing climate chaos.1

From coast to coast, members of the Leadnow community are bringing signs, banners, and chants right to the doors of MPs with one resounding message: we need a Bold Emissions Cap now! Not everyone can be at a rally, but we can all help make sure that message is impossible for MPs to ignore. Will you call your MP now?

Instructions on how to call. It’ll only take a minute, but it’ll make a big difference. It’s super easy.
1. Read the talking points below.
2. Enter your information to the right, including your phone number.
3. We’ll call you back, connecting you directly to your MP.
4. Leave a message on the answering machine if you reach voicemail. If you speak to office staff, just ask them to pass on your message to your MP. Make sure to tell them your name and that you live in their riding.

Talking points to include in your message:
  • My name is [NAME] and I live in [RIDING]. I'm calling because I want the government to release and implement a bold emissions cap policy.
  • To meet our climate goals, we need the emissions cap your government is working on to be ambitious and effective.
  • This policy should involve:
    • 1. Reducing emissions immediately: the oil and gas industry must reduce emissions significantly by 2025 and reduce its emissions by 60% by 2030.
    • 2. Ensuring tools of compliance, enforceability and accountability are implemented immediately with the cap.
    • 3. Including all emissions from the production and use of oil and gas.
    • 4. Resisting efforts from the oil and gas industry to weaken the cap.
    • 5. The cap should not undermine Canada’s commitment to phasing out fossil fuel subsidies.
    • 6. Finally, Canada needs a Just Transition strategy that leaves no one behind by rapidly winding down fossil fuels, building strong, sustainable communities for everyone, creating millions of decent, low-carbon jobs and respecting Indigenous rights and sovereignty.
  • FOR LIBERAL MPs: It has never been more critical to take bold climate action. The emissions cap regulations have been delayed long enough – we urgently need this policy in place.
  • FOR ALL OTHER MPs: Climate action is everyone’s responsibility. I ask that you call on your colleagues in the Liberal Caucus to prioritize a strong and timely Emissions Cap policy for the sake of all Canadians.

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