Leadnow's Ontario Election Survey: Report Back

It's official. Almost 95% of you said you're on board with our plan to drive the biggest crises of our time — climate and inequality — onto the election agenda and push candidates across party lines to support bold solutions like a Just Transition and a basic income.
Pie chart with question: Are you on board with our plan? Pie chart i split with 94.9% saying yes and 5.1% saying no.

We’re ready to hit the ground running! The Ontario election is only 7 weeks away. The climate crisis is on our doorstep and the rich keep getting richer, while the rest of us struggle.1,2,3

The good news is that we know what the solutions are. Over 83% of you said you want us to prioritize bold solutions like a Just Transition towards a sustainable economy, and a basic income so everyone can meet their basic needs through the energy transition and beyond.

This election is an opportunity to ensure we tackle inequality and the climate crisis at the scale required, by showing the Ontario NDP, Liberals and Greens that the public is hungry for political parties to work together to protect our environment and build an economy that works for all of us. And we can stop Ford from holding us back by identifying the most strategic, local campaigns to defeat Ford’s PCs in key ridings so you can get involved.

We heard you're ready to get to work to make it happen. Thousands of you told us you're interested in sending messages and making calls to candidates and political parties to urge them to support those bold solutions. Hundreds of you want to help out with powerful tactics like flyering in key ridings. Together, we’ll write letters to the editor to demonstrate public support for political cooperation on the issues that matter. With your help, we’ll also make a splash in the media with hard-hitting ads and op-eds.

Thanks to everyone who took time to share your thoughts with us. As a member-led organization, Leadnow’s strategies come from the bottom up, starting with input from members like you. In the coming weeks, we’ll send over powerful digital tools to help you take action online, local organizing opportunities, and share our ideas for eye-catching ads to stop Ford.

Stay tuned! 
The Leadnow Team

P.S. Leadnow is fiercely independent and funded by small donors like you. We don’t work for political parties. Instead, we’ll use our voices to shift hearts and minds for a fairer, more sustainable Ontario. Together we'll push candidates on our issues, help stop the Conservatives from making gains in key ridings, and make sure whoever is elected is ready to cooperate on the issues that matter – like tackling the climate crisis and rising wealth inequality. Will you chip in to our election campaign now?